•  Coach Warren


    Conference:  12:55-1:45
    Rm 109
    817-341-500 ext. 3109
    Welcome to 6th Grade Art!!!!!
    This is going to be a great school year! I am very excited about these kiddos and all that they have to offer!  If you ever need to contact me the easiest way is through email.    I am expecting great things from these students and we are ready to get after it!!
    Art class is meant to learn basic ideas associated with Art.  Lines, Spacing, Color, Texture, and Shapes are just a few of our basic ideas.  The students will be exposed to an array of different techniques during this school year.  The object is to have fun, gain confidence and be proud of your work.  We will use many different skills.
    On Fridays we will have what we call "Sketchy Fridays." On these days the students will be able to take a short drawing lesson from someone that works for Disney Animation.  This teaches them to follow directions and be fearless with stepping outside of our comfort zone in art!  It is a  lot of fun for the kids.
    We attempt to start a few new projects every few days  just to keep things moving.  Not everyone is on the same project at the same time, but we all do each project.
    The goal of art is to have fun and learn about art!!
    If you have any questions..... Let me know!!!!
    Thanks so much,
    Coach Warren