•  I.  I expect you to be respectful to your teacher and other students.  When this happens, it takes care of a lot of our classroom issues. 

    1.  Use kind words.

    2.  Help when you can.

    3.  Share and take turns.
    4.  Listen to what others have to say. 
    5.  Be honest and truthful. 
    6.  Think before you speak or act.
    7.  Remember your manners.
    8.  Hold your temper.
    9.  Think about the feelings of others.
    10.  Work and play fairly. 
    II.  Please turn in your work when it is due.  I will accept late work, but only for less grades.  No one will get a 100 for turning in a late assignment.
    III.  Everyone should do their best to participate in classroom discussions.  We learn a whole lot more when we are all discussing a topic. 
    IV.  I want everyone to learn, enjoy and be excited about art!!