• General Course Requirements For English, AP English, and Speech

    (To be Kept ALL YEAR in the Class Notes section of your Notebook)

    Grading Policy - School Board Adopted 50% Daily/Homework and 50% Tests 


    Quote Book – We will have a quote each day except Friday, which you will copy in a spiral notebook. You must record the date, the quote, the author, and some sort of comment on the quote, even if it is just “I don’t understand this.” The quote book will be turned in at the end of the 6 weeks and will count as a test grade. Your grade will depend on the completeness of each entry; in other words, for each part of an entry that is missing, your grade will be docked 2 points. If an entry is completely missing, your grade will be docked 6 points. Due date will be posted on my board and on my webpage.


    Notebook Requirements

    1.  Due each 6 weeks


    1. Will Contain


    1. Cover Sheet (Name, Date due, Class)

    2. Table of Contents

    3. Class Notes (these will carry forward throughout the year)

    4. Daily Work

    5. Tests

    6. Vocabulary

    7. Dividers that stick out for the Class Notes, Daily Work, Tests, and Vocabulary Sections (these may be homemade if you wish)


    1.  Will Count as a Test grade. Due date will be posted on the board and on my webpage.


    1. Grading Criteria


    1. Missing papers – 5 pts. each

    2. Minor out of order – 3 pts. each

    3. Major out of order – automatic 50

    4. No corrections – 15 pts. off, otherwise points will be prorated to match the corrections you do have.

    5. No dividers, or dividers that do not stick out – 5 pts.

    6. As long as you turn in at least 2 papers from the current 6 weeks, you will get at least a 50.

    7. If you turn in nothing, you will get a ZERO.

    8. Save the contents of each previous notebook, as they will be used for extra points on the next notebook. We will start over again at semester.

    Bookreport Requirements For English and AP English

    1. Will be given orally on Fridays only.


    2. Student must have the book in his/her hand when giving the report.


    3. Students who miss the answers to three or more questions asked by the teacher will not receive credit for their reports.


    4. Students may not report on any book previously reported on in this class or any other (read new stuff – broaden your minds).


    5. Bookreport grade will count as a major test grade and will be determined as follows:


      1 bookreport = 75

      2 bookreports = 85

      3 bookreports = 95

      4 or more bookreports = In addition to the 95 BR test grade, 2 pts. will be added to your final 6 weeks English grade for each book over the original 3.


      This is the only opportunity you will have for extra credit in this class, so do not wait until the end of the 6 weeks to ask to do extra work. It will not happen, so plan ahead if you intend to do extra bookreports for extra points.


    6. All bookreports are due by end of the 5th week of the 6 weeks grading period. Only one bookreport per student will be given on the last day that bookreports are due each 6 weeks, so don’t wait until the end. The due date will be posted on the board and on my web page.


    7. If you do not do a bookreport, you will receive a ZERO test grade.


    8. Book requirements – for AP, the first book you read each 6 weeks must be from the AP reading list; all other books are your choice as long as they fit the other requirements. For all other classes, you may read whatever you like first semester as long as it fits other requirements; second semester, you must read at least one book off the required authors list. General book requirements are as follows: at least 95 pages long, real books (not comic books, graphic novels, picture books, or choose your own ending books), and nothing rude, crude, or socially unacceptable. Your bookreports will done on “Reading Record” forms.


    Specific Grading Policies for Speech - Speech is a single semester class. Daily grades will come from written assignments and participation in class discussions. Test grades will come from both written tests and the actual speeches, and students will give at least 10 speeches throughout the semester. In addition, each time a speech is given, a student will be given a Courtesy grade which will gauge the student's behavior as an audience member. The courtesy grade will also count as a test grade.









    1.  DO NOT write on the backs of your papers (10 points off).


    2.  ALWAYS write in INK on any assignment to be turned in for a grade – blue or black ink only, no weird colors or pencil (10 pts. off).


    3. LATE POLICY – All papers are due at the moment that they are called for. If they are turned in later in the period or within the next 24 hours, they will be accepted with 10 points off. After that, they will not be accepted and you will receive a ZERO.


    4. Use of “you” (or any other form of 2nd person) – Avoid the use of 2nd person in formal papers. It will result in a minus 10 points. If a student continues to use the pronoun “you” (or any form of you: your, yours, yourself, yourselves), in his/her writing, it will eventually result in an automatic 50.


    5. Use of “a lot”


    1. First of all, “a lot” is two words; “alot” is incorrect.

    2. Secondly, avoid the use of “a lot.” Any use of it, will result in minus 10 points. There is always a better way to say it: many, most, some, several, few, five, fifteen, etc.


    1. Vocabulary worksheets will be done every Friday and will be due by the end of the period unless otherwise stated by the teacher.


    2. Students MAY NOT work on the classroom or library computers until their work has been turned in for that day.












    1.  Follow rules and instructions the first time they are given.

    2. Bring all necessary materials to class. If you must borrow something from me, I will take your shoe as collateral until you return whatever object I have lent you.

    3. Keep hands, feet, and all other objects to yourself.

    4. Raise your hand before you speak.

    5. Be in class and seated by the time the tardy bell rings.

    6. No cell phones, ipods, mp3 players, or other electronic devices allowed in class. They will be taken up and turned into the office.



    1st Offense – ONE verbal warning only!


    2nd Offense – DICTIONARY WORK (you will copy from the dictionary – nothing rude, crude, or socially unacceptable – until I tell you to stop, or until your hand falls off, whichever comes first).


    SEVERE CLAUSE – Repeat offenses or any severely disruptive, dumb, or deadly behavior will result in an automatic tip to the office, thus bypassing all previous steps.


    Lying is considered an automatic dictionary offense.




    Cheating is an automatic zero for all parties involved.