• Your Journal is your six weeks project. There will be a journal due EVERY six weeks. You will need to find an article every week on Government or Economics (pending which semester). Then you will have to write a 200 word summary of the article. Your journal entries will have to have dates on them and be current.  These need to be hand written ( not copied from the internet) If PLAGURISM  IS FOUND A GRADE OF "ZERO" will be recorded in the grade book. Your articles shall be up to date by week.

    Below will be some resource ideas for your journal. Your Journal will be counted as a test grade.

    The Journal due date will be posted on my website and on the board in the classroom. I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY LATE JOURNALS!!!! 
       To name a few you should get the idea.  if you need any help let me know.  DON'T WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE!!!!!!!