• BUS ROUTES FOR 2016-2017



    - FM 920 S.; FM 920; North Star Crossing Addition(N. Star Crossing Ln., Cold Water Creek, Crossing Point); Sunrise Trail Addition; Zion Hill South of loop; Karen Street; Kathy Street back to school.


    - FM 920 N.; E. Dry Creek; Almaka; Cornstubble; Hodges Rd. ; Sweet Springs Addition (Sweet Springs Rd., Mineral Springs Rd., Creek Bend, Forest, Lantana); FM 920; Shadle Rd.; Zion Hill Rd.; McClendon; FM 920; back to school.
    - FM 1885; Hwy 52; Quail Run Rd.; Rawhide Trail; Cotton Tail Rd.; Hwy 52; FM 1885; Adell Rd.;  FM 1885; Advance Rd.; Russell Bend; Red Top;  West Dry Creek; FM 920; back to school.


    - FM 920; Green Acres Addition (Green Acres, Crossfire Ct, Crossbow Arrowhead Ct., Collett Ct., Jolin Ln., Paige, Green Acres);  FM 920; back to school. 


    - Johnson Bend Rd.; Paul St., Crazy Horse Addition (Oak Dr., Beach St., Oak Cir., Willow St., Fur St.); Johnson Bend Rd.;  back to school.


    - Precinct Rd.; Measures Rd.; Precinct Rd.; Pin Tail; Quail Springs Addition(Quail Springs Rd., Bishop Rd., Sand Piper, Falcon); Precinct Rd.,New Authon; Sandy Lane; FM 1885; Pepper Ln.; FM 1885; Old Authon; FM 1885; Anvil Ct.; Sunshine Meadows Ct.; Red Fox; Mark Ln.; FM 920; back to school.


    - Harwell Lake Rd.; Zion Hill Rd.; Dove Ln.; Aycock; Michelle Ct.; Timber Ridge; Vaughn Ln.;  Zion Hill; Gibson Ln.; Red Bird Ln.; Zion Hill Loop; Zion Hill Rd.; Harwell Lake Rd.; back to school.


    - Lago Lindo Addition(La Vega, Jamar, La Arroya, Monterrey); Zion Hill; Linda’s Creek; Colonial Creek Addition; Spanish Park Addition (Spanish Trail, Granada); back to school.


    - Blue Ridge Addition Blue Castle Ct.(Blue Ridge Rd., Blue Bell Ct., Blue Jay Ct., Blue Meadows Ct.); Sharla Smelley; Shady Grove; back to school.
Last Modified on February 22, 2017