• Let ‘em play! Let ‘em coach!


    I strongly believe in the value of extra curricular activities, especially athletics. I believe athletics supports and enhances the education process. It teaches more than just how to play games. Athletics teaches lifetime skills. It isn’t always easy, which means it’s not for everyone. Practices aren’t always fun; but tough practice sessions produce wins, and winning IS fun.


    High School and Middle School are NOT intended to produce college athletes. Let me say that again: High School and Middle School are NOT intended to produce college athletes. Studies show that less than 1% of high school athletes go on to play at the collegiate level on scholarship. Additionally, specialization in one sport is risky, at best, if the goal is to advance. More than 96% (102 of 106) of players on Super Bowl LII rosters were multi-sport athletes in high school. The athletic program of the Peaster Independent School District is about producing the best teams possible and teaching student athletes lifetime skills in the process: overcoming adversity, finishing what you start, doing something the right way 100 times during practice so you can do it right when it matters, to only name a few.


    I’m proud of the fact that our coaches teach our athletes to compete, hold them accountable to themselves and their teammates, and demand excellence 100% of the time. I hope you are, too. A coach who doesn’t “coach hard” doesn’t deserve a paycheck. Teams that don’t give 100% shouldn’t charge admission. Most often, coaches who lose teams, lose them around the dinner table. Parents who pit athletes that are trying to gain or solidify a spot on a team against coaches place their children in a two-sided battle they can never win.  Be the coach’s biggest fan. Your student athlete will be better for it.


    In summary, we want to provide the best high school athletic program we can offer. We want your son or daughter to participate in as many sports as they desire and to be successful during their athletic years in our school district.


    Thank You,

    Chris Pennington

        Principal – Peaster High School