• Spanish I                                                   Coach Carlton



    Classroom Rules:
    1. Be seated and ready to begin class when bell rings.

    2. Bring all materials needed to class.

    3. Respect and be polite to others.

    4. Have Fun.

    5. Learn something new every day.

    6. Obey all school rules, as they will also apply in this classroom.

    Consequences:  warning, detention, call/email parent, office for further discipline

    (at discretion as well)



    Materials Needed:
    1. Composition Book 100 count pages (wide rule) (NO SPIRALS)

    2. Pen or Pencil (NO RED PENS)

    3. Glue Stick(s)

    4. Scissors

    5. Post it notes small/or tabs (will be used to tab in composition books)

    6. Spanish/English dictionary (optional)



    Grading Policy:


    1. Daily Grades                                    50%


    -Daily Assignments



    2. Tests                                              50%