• Lesson Plans


    Week of August 18 - 20

                             Welcome back, classroom procedures, Rules and Syllabus, slides on classroom rules and procedures, 

         7th gr. Art -Impossible signature scavenger hunt game, About Me journal page

         8th gr. Art - Puzzle Piece Design

         Art 1 (Advanced Art) -Puzzle Piece Design


    Week of August 23 - 27

         7th gr. Art  - sketchbooks, front side of portfolios (create name using block or bubble letters), circle designs

         8th gr. Art - sketchbooks, finish part of a puzzle piece design, draw 3-D block letters for name on front of portfolios, circle designs

         Art 1 (Advanced Art) -  puzzle piece design, learn graffiti writing, create graffiti name on front of portfolio, circle designs+


    Week of August 30 - September 3

        7th gr. Art - collage lesson, create collage on back of portfolios using magazine pictures

        8th gr. Art - multi media lesson, create multi media collage on back of portfolios

        Art 1 (Advanced Art) - multi media collage on back of portfolios


    Week of September 6 - 10

         7th gr. Art  - Continue magazine collage on portfolio 

         8th gr. Art - Continue collage of 3 mediums on portfolio

         Art 1 (Advanced Art) - Continue mixed media collage on portfolio


    Week of September 13 - 17

         7th gr. Art - 

         8th gr. Art - 

         Art 1 (Advanced Art) -