•                                                   Art Syllabus 2021 - 2022


    Welcome to Peaster Junior High Art Class. My name is Mrs. Shearmire. I am looking forward to 

    a fun year! The following information will be important for you to know.


    The rules for all Artists in my class are:

        As an artist I will...

         -     Always try my best and do my OWN work!

         -     Respect myself, others, & all art work!

         -     Take time to clean up my mess!

         -     It is important I listen when the teacher talks!

         -    Store my artwork & materials in proper locations!

         -    Talk quietly, when I'm allowed!

         -    Stay in my seat & not wander around!


    The rules for all Artists during working in Groups in my class are:

         -    Give thoughtful feedback

         -    Respect others

         -    On task, all the time

         -    Use soft voices only

         -    Participate actively

         -    Stay with your group

    General Rules for Life, including Art class:

         -    Do what the teacher says, the FIRST TIME.

         -    Be on time and prepared for class.

         -    Keep hands, feet, objects, and unkind remarks to yourself.

    Respect the rights and property of others.


    Class Work will be different for each section of Art: 7th and 8th. However, the Daily Procedures

    will be the same for all classes.

         1.  Come in quietly.

         2.  Take Care of your Daily Procedures:

              a. Check the Planner Page board for your class to see what we are doing today.

              b. Check Today's Objectives to see what should be accomplished as a result of 

                  today's activities.

              c. Check the Materials List to see what supplies/ materials of yours you will need to use

                  today. I will provide what's not part of your regular supply list.

         3.  Sharpen pencils, if needed.

         4. Start on Today's Art Start , sketchbook.



         There will be times that we may use our cell phones in class. However, when we are not 

    using them, they are to remain in the students lockers or turned off and put away out of sight.


    Daily work and projects will be done in class and not taken home (unless there is an exception.) If

    you fail to turn in an assignment on time, you will have one day to turn it in for a maximum grade 

    of 70, two days late for a maximum grade of 60, and three days late for a maximum grade of 50.


    Daily work (minimum of 10 per grading period) will count 60%; (50% for advanced art 1), tests,

    quizzes or projects (minimum of 2 per grading period) will count 40%, (50% for advanced art 1).


    You are considered to be tardy if you are not in the classroom when the tardy bell rings.


    I am looking forward to a great year!