Vote May 1st, 2021

Why did Peaster ISD call a Bond?

A facility committee comprised of citizens, staff, teachers and administrators met over the course of several months to tour the existing facilities, review demographic reports, analyze the capacity of each campus, review the conditions of the facilities and learn more about academic program needs. The data indicates the Elementary School is nearing capacity, the Middle School has reached its capacity and the committee determined that drainage issues and other items in the existing facilities should be addressed. The committee also agreed on the need to address increased traffic concerns. As a result, the committee unanimously recommended the Board call a bond election.

Peaster ISD By Numbers

High School

Current enrollment at Peaster High School: 427 STUDENTS

Peaster High School Building Capacity: 796 STUDENTS

Peaster High School is not projected to reach student capacity within the next ten years.

Middle School

Current enrollment at Peaster Middle School: 322 STUDENTS

Peaster Middle School Building Capacity: 352 STUDENTS

Peaster Middle School is projected to be above net student capacity in 2021/2022.

Elementary School

Current enrollment at Peaster Elementary School: 670 STUDENTS

Peaster Elementary School Building Capacity: 707 STUDENTS

Peaster Elementary School is projected to be above net student capacity in 2021/2022.

Peaster ISD Projected Growth

Peaster ISD is projected to have 1,980 students enrolled by 2030 - nearly 600 more students in the next 9 years.
* Peaster ISD is currently at an enrollment of 1,418 students for the 2020-2021 school year, thus surpassing this year's projected growth.

For more information contact Lance Johnson, Superintendent   |   (817) 341-5000