• Welcome to reading!!

     Things are up in the air kind of at the moment, but  in the mean time, read!!!! The website readtheory.org is a free site that you can sign in to for comprehension help. Just go to the site, sign in as a student and use all of the email address and passwords like you would at school. If it is the first time for you, you will need to do the pretest first. Then, it will assign you a reading level and you can begin! It will let you check your progress after each test. Email me and let me know how it is going! tmillet@peaster.net

    When the district decides our course of action, I will post on here again what is going on. Read a good book and tell me about it!!



    My conference is first period this year. My email is tmillet@peaster.net and the school phone number is 817-341-5000 ext 3102.

    Archery people!!



    The state tournament has been moved to May 19-20 for now. We will probably shoot on the 19th at the same times as set before, but we really don't know yet. The national tournament has been cancelled. I still have that snazzy new bow to raffle off!! Tickets are $5 if you want one!!!