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    Name: Lisa Cockerell
    Email Address: lcockerell@peaster.net
    Phone number: 817-341-5000
    Room number: 102
    Conference Period: 6th period (12:45-1:35)
    Grading Policy: Board Adopted Policy of 50% Daily/Homework Grades and 50% Test Grades
    Supply List: One Floppy Notebook or Folder (no hardback notebooks - floppy notebook maybe  a hardback from which the cardboard has been removed), Lots of looseleaf paper, Blue or Black pen, Red pen or Highlighter (for grading), One spiral Notebook for quotes, one flash drive for storing student work.
    One-Act will NOT meet the first day of School!!! We will meet the 2nd day at 7:00 a.m. in my classroom - 102.
    AP Summer Reading List: See the AP Summer Reading Assignment and Information page.
    See Lesson Plan Page for Lesson Plans, Due Dates, and Quotes. 
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