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    Welcome to Peaster High School
    Mike Hafley
    US Government, Economics 
     Welcome to Government and Economics.
     I am looking forward to and excited for another year at Peaster High School.  I hope you had a great summer and ready to  come back for another school year.  Some of you your last year of High School so make the most of your Greyhound experience. If you have any questions feel free to email me for a conference.  My conference is 8th period 2:45-3:30.
       Every thing we do in class will be posted on this website.  When homework, tests, and journals are due.  All my lesson plans and what is going on in class will be posted on the website every Sunday.  Check back often the website will be updated weekly.
    Phone: 817-341-5000 Ext.2306     Room:  306 
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