Peaster High School

    Algebra II

    2019 -2020

    Teacher:  Mrs. Chapman


    1.  Pencil is required.  (work in pen will not be accepted)
    2. Cover your textbook if you check one out.
    3. A notebook. (3-ring)
    4. A graphing calculator ( TI 84) will be provided in class only.   For out of class work, you can download a version on your phone or purchase your own.

    Homework: (Daily grades)

         Each homework assignment will be checked for completion.  You will receive 100 points if the assignment is complete and on time.  Points will be deducted if not complete or if work is not shown. If you receive less than a 70 you may obtain an alternative assignment.  Alternative assignments must be obtained during tutorials and when complete put in the proper folder on the wall.  Those assignments must be completed within one week.


         Tutorials begin promptly at 7:55 am.  Be on time!! Grades will be posted in the classroom every Friday.  Students that are below a 75 are required to attend at least one day of tutorials the following week. If you have redo assignments (tests)/alternative assignments, you have one week to complete those during tutorials.  Be sure to sign in!!


    Make-up work:

      --It is the student’s responsibility to find out what work needs to be made up after an absence. 

    --A student absent the day of a test or quiz will be expected to take it the day they return.  (Tutorials would be a great time to make up tests/quizzes)

    --A student absent on a review day will be given the option of taking the test/quiz the day they return or the following day.

    --If you are going to be absent for an extracurricular activity be sure to get assignments ahead of time.

    Grading Procedures:

     Grades will be made up of 50% daily work (homework, in class worksheets, notebook) and 50% test grades (tests/quizzes).

    NO EXTRA CREDIT other than a participation grade given at the end of each grading period to students that have volunteered to display homework answers on the board.


    Classroom Rules:

    1.  Show respect and cooperate with others.
    2. Be on time.  You will be sent to the office if you are tardy.
    3. Be prepared!  Notebook, book, calculator, pencil.
    4. No sleeping in class without permission.
    5. Do not read books or work on materials from another class until all Algebra II work is complete.
    6. No cell phones or music devices.
    7. No food or drinks.  (clear bottled water is OK)

    Course Outline:

    1st Six Weeks:  Equations, Inequalities, Linear Relations and Functions

    2nd Six Weeks:  Transformations of Functions, Systems of Equations and Inequalities

    3rd Six Weeks:  Quadratic Relations and Functions

    4th Six Weeks: Polynomials and Polynomial Functions

    5th Six Weeks: Inverses and Radical Functions and Relations, Exponential Functions and Relations

    6th Six Weeks:  Logarithmic Relations and Functions, Rational Functions and Relations