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Transfer Application

Peaster ISD Transfer Policy

1. All requests for transfers must be made between April 1-29 to be considered for enrollment for the Fall Semester. Transfers will be considered by PISD beginning May 1st. Transfer applications are accepted year round. However, after the school year begins, new transfers are approved at the beginning of the next grading cycle.

2. Approved Transfer Requests shall be effective for one school year subject to compliance with all District Policy Requirements and Transfer Guidelines.

3. Transfer Policy provisions may be waived or modified by the Superintendent at his/her discretion based on extenuating circumstances.

4. Students must reapply for a transfer each year.

General Guidelines for Inter-district Transfers

1. Transfer applications will not be approved for students with a record of disciplinary infractions at the sending school.

2. Transfer applications will not be approved for students if approval will result in the District exceeding capacity in any grade level, service, class, or program.

3. Transfer applications will not be approved for students with a record or excessive absences at the sending school.

4. Transfer applications may not be approved for students with failing grades from the previous school year or otherwise ineligible for promotion to the next grade.

5. Transfer students entering grades 4 - 12 must have a passing score on the most recent required State Assessment exams.

6. Transfer students are expected to maintain passing grades in all classes and pass all required State Assessment exams administered by Peaster ISD.

7. Transfer students must comply with all requirements outlined in the Peaster Student Handbook, including all rules and regulations for student conduct and attendance.

8. Transfer students will not be provided transportation to and from school.

9. Additional Conditions: Because a transfer is a privilege rather than a right, the continued education of the non-resident student is subject to these conditions and may be revoked upon any of the following occurrences: a) the student's attendance falls below 90% in any semester; b)the student's tardies exceed 10% in any semester; c) the student earns repeated failing grades in any class; d) the student engaged in repeated minor violations of the Student Code of Conduct; e) the student has engaged in any gang-related activity; f) the student has engaged in repeated behavior that hinders the learning of other students; g) the student has engaged in conduct that is disruptive to the educational process of the District; h) the parent fails to work cooperatively with the school on behalf of their child.

10. Failure to meet any of the above guidelines is grounds for denial or non-renewal of transfer status. Any conflicts will be resolved by the Superintendent and his/her decision is final and may not be appealed

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